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There are many scammers with various scams, all with the goal of taking your hard earned money.

I understand that they need money to feed their families, but when I think about scammers it reminds me of criminals waiting for someone to walk around a dark corner so they can steal your money.

The difference is that you can be safe in your home and still get robbed for everything you have worked so hard for.

1. Spot A Scam

This course is designed firstly to teach you how to better spot a scam by highlighting tell-tale signs of fake emails, phone messages, and advertising.

Secondly, to understand the social engineering used by scammers to fool you, and to find key weaknesses you can use to protect yourself from their scams.

This course is open to anyone because the technical aspects of the course are explained in plain English.

It cost only $100 for two hours of training and one hour of questions and feedback, run over three one hour sessions.

The course is designed to be flexible with the content flow to improve retention and to dig deeper where required.

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How much do you pay for a new website?

I have heard of local Cairns business paying up to $10,000 for a website.

Most websites these days seem to be built using the popular WordPress platform.

2. BYO Website

This course is design to teach you a fast and inexpensive way to get your new WordPress website up and running from start to content, including tips and tricks to make your website stand out.

It cost only $100 for an hour of training and I’m happy to answer questions and get feedback after the course is complete.

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